chris bell

Monday, 13 August 2012

Doe Eyed

Was just on gigposters the other night and came across this poster. My favourite part of it is the texture given to the background which gives it the aged kind of effect to it and the imagery of the farm and classic pick up further it more. The patterns within the fields just help to balance of the whole poster.

The poster led me to Doe Eyed; a design studio based in Lincoln, Nebraska by Eric Nyffeler and Michael Nielson. The duo just say that they know a thing or two about simple shapes, fuzzy textures, bright colours and patterns. They make it sound so simple.

Looking more into there work, I came across this. Not just a poster of one of my favourite bands but probably my personal favourite poster for them. Although I don't really think it says a lot about the band's music, it's fits into Doe Eyed's personal style by using simple shapes, bright colours and patterns. The choice of colours for the roof tops against the black background I believe actually seems to make each street slightly pop out from the page and make the poster almost 3D.

And now to my favourite piece from Doe Eyed. Had absolutely no idea who Tobias Funke was and after this still didn't. Wasn't expecting him to be a TV character though.