chris bell

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Caroline Sheldon

Came across this poster yesterday and just thought wow! It's been designed by Caroline Sheldon for a local folk band in Yorkshire.

I really like the way the whole poster looks 3D, especially with the castle and its giving me some ideas for my website design.

Jonathan Shackleton

Jonathan Shackleton is a recent Graphic Design graduate from University College Falmouth. His paper work grabbed my attention immediately, especially this work he has done for Fedrigoni paper.

Fedrigoni are an italian paper company who create 262 different types of paper and board, and Shackleton's brief was to create a new way to advertising their samples.

He decided to look at how Italians take pride in their appearance, (hence the suits). Each suit contains 4 elements; shirt, waistcoat, blazer and bow tie and each element is made from a different style and texture of paper and are completely inter changeable with other styles and pieces of the suit.

Overall, I think Shackleton has designed a completely unique advertising campaign and fills the brief really well.