chris bell

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Explaining to a Martian

The brief asked us to create a piece of infographics for a Martian to understand. From the list of subjects, I decided to focus on a hair dryer. I started the project by drawing simple human figures, I used the far right characters for my project.
After decided on my characters, I started drawing very simple layouts and ideas.
For the next stage, I upped the level and detail within the designs. By doing this, I got a few ideas to start developing. My early ideas all included lots of arrows which I thought were taking the attention away from the images. At the bottom of the page, I have started using different ways of showing which direction to go in.
I continued developing an idea, and started to add in colour. I needed a way of showing the passing of time whilst the hair dryer is on. I choose to use a blue and orange to show the heat of the dryer building up, I have also used a rising sun to show the morning passing.

When I reached this stage, I felt the layout wasn't working as well as it could. At the bottom of this page, I have started to follow a different composition.

I felt that this was looking a lot better, and by using colour, I decided on my final piece.

Variations on a theme

The asked asked us to fill 100 boxes with different views and uses for a certain item. My item was a traffic cone.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Close Cropping

I have come across a photographer called Neil Downie. He won a competition at the end of 2010 for his photgraphy across Vietnam and the picture below is his winning photograph.
In this photo, by cropping the photo across, he has given the impression of width. The boats in the photo are the darkest parts, therefore the eye is immediately drawn to them before you notice the background. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a lot of Neil downie's work.

In the same competition, Capt, Jack Leggett came third with this photograph. By using a pillar crop, he shows the height of the columns and the depth of the corridor, giving a completely different aspect to the image above.