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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

CD Packaging

The new brief has asked us to design and create a CD package for a single. I consider the look for a CD package almost as important as the music itself; bad cover normally means bad music. With the rise of downloads, it's a worry that CDs will disappear.
Above is the cover for Bombay Bicycle Club's 2011 album, A Different Kind of Fix. The cover itself represents the band entirely. The illustration gives a feeling of tradition, which shows the album's kind of folk feel. The bright colours represent the youth and excitement of the band and album.

The next 2 albums are both by jack Penate. The one on the left, Matinee was his 2007 debut. The cover itself tells the listener that Penate will be fun and energetic. Just like the Bombay Bicycle Club album, the colours represent youth and excitement, and I think the cover is an advert for the man himself aswell as his music. I was really disappointed to see his 2009 follow up, Everything is New to look so uninteresting and unappealing. The album is similar to the first, with fast temp, exciting music, but with a few slower songs thrown in. Without the text, i would expect to see a cover like this in either the classical or easy listening section. The simple plain text, looks like it's aimed at a older audience.

The album on the left is Cage The Elephant self-titled debut album. The painting was done by Clint Colburna and the design by brianne kumelos. Once again the bright colours show young and energy. The appealing point of these covers is the way they are made. Cage The Elephant seem to care more about the appearance and want people to remember the albums. Each album comes with a cardboard clipcase, and the 'Thank You, Happy Birthday' case has the album title cut into it.

Here are 2 of my personal favourites. The being KIngs of Leon's very first EP, Holy Roller Novercaine, and the right being the band's very first single, entitles What I Saw. I think the covers have so much character, they both give the feeling of being in the deep south of America listening to rock n roll. This being exactly what these CDs contained. My favourite part of the covers, is the title. The typeface is really unique from anything as mainstream in the early 2000s, when these were first released. Each cover only uses 1 image, but I think this is really effective because it works as a logo or symbol for the album, so whenever the cherries you think of this EP. The way the Holy Roller Novocaine cover is printed and manufactured is also very effective. It's made as a digipack with a cardboard cover. The cover looks asif it was meant to be a clean white but has been stained by some sand to give an impression of age.
               Unfortunately, as the band grow, and the music became more mainstream, the album covers slipped. In 2008, Only by the Night was released followed by Come Around Sundown in 2010.

Only by the Night doesnt give the feeling of a Southern Rock band singing from true stories about the past. It gives an impression of a band discovering the computer and technology to make music. The typeface used helps to give this impression and the green background seems to give me an impression of nature. The cover doesn't really give an impression of the actual music on this album. The Come Around Sundown cover seems to give a better impression of setting and it links with the music better. The main problem I have with this cover is the link between the typeface and image. The picture clearly shows a beach and the colours show the setting sun, whilst the typeface gives me the impression of 1940/50s New York Broadway.
  The cover above I think is a great example of how little you use can be so effective. The most important part of the cover, the band name is what the eye is drawn to followed by the album name. The typeface used tells me personally that they are a guitar band, and i think by using no image, it kind of gives an impression of arrogance. It tells me that you don't need a picture of us, you should no who we are. Definitely one of my favourite albums and album covers.

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